Welcome to my Looking Glass

December 20, 2020

Photo by Fatih Avci on Pexels.com

Years of obsessive learning and palaverous writing, loquacious ranting on social media, a degree of discourse that virtual short attention spans scroll right by; I needed a space for writing and ranting: perhaps even a space for folks interested in reading pages and pages of wordy (and sometimes troubling) discourse.

I posted back-blogs of writing from 2020, the year of our global pandemic; onward then into the present, with dialogue about the social, cultural, economic, and political.

I will occasionally get lost in other writing projects. Long essays may take months of reading and writing, editing, and walking away, before eventual completion and publishing. The socio-political world is often a freight-train wreck of human cultural degeneracy and factious character shortcomings: we all need to step back from the malcontent on occasion before snapping our elastic.

Be forewarned: I have a penchant for profanity and make no apologies for cursing, expletives, and generally foul language. There is a time and a place for discourteous and cheeky profanity: I will be rhetorically and emotionally inclined to employ it whenever I find it fitting. If you are terribly sensitive to irreverence, then this likely isn’t the place for you to land.

Come join me in a discursive social experiment and outlet for compulsive writing.