Apologies for the Delay…

May 29, 2021

“Come, said my soul

Such verses for my

Body let us write.”

– Walt Whitman

My apologies for the long delay since my last loquacious discourse. I haven’t written a socio-political essay since just before the January 6th Insurrection. The ugly political landscape of the past several months has been distressing. Socially distressing in the middle of winter intersects with seasonal depression, which effectively interferes with my writing process.

The unwinding of democracy is proving to be dismally discouraging. History will not be kind when evaluating the last few years of America’s political presence; I expect culturally constructed American identity myths from this historical moment to rival the Liberty Bell and Fort Sumter, but I likely won’t be around to see those creations. Neither will you.

Tax season complicates my creative process as well, particularly when it drags on for an additional month into spring. Analytically methodical work can have a dispiriting impact on creativity, particularly in combination with seasonal affectations.

I spent the last several months wrenching a diminutive output of pitiful poetry from my rhetorical soul instead of writing political discourse. It was a moderately effective attempt at avoidance behavior given the grievous cultural and political landscape.

I don’t share my poetry on either Facebook or the Lawless Politics blog; if you want to read my poetry, you’ll have to follow me on Twitter.

I’m provisionally working on a palaverous piece concerning Identity Politics, Transphobia & Bigotry as American as Apple Pie: the Politics of Difference (for determining the manner in which we choose to treat our fellow human beings). I’m pondering what it reveals about our value systems in determining human worth, which is a burdensome and troubling writing engagement. So while I’m struggling with it, sometimes the most important discussions are also arduous and demanding, which indicates the necessity of completion. Two dominant issues in the current public and political spheres pertain to how we construct gender and how we are currently conducting ourselves toward children in particular within a larger dialogue of transgender human identities.

Teaser: we sure as fuck aren’t conducting ourselves in a caring, respectful, and kind manner. Regrettably, reaching for understanding doesn’t appear to be something in which America currently prides and identifies itself.

But in the meantime, I’m finishing up my forthcoming piece on the rise and fall of the GOP, which is a long time coming. It’s beyond time to finish writing it, before they finish off themselves. Or our democracy.

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